Five Frustrating Reasons Why I'll Leave Your Website in Just 10 Seconds or Less

Imagine you have a store in a busy shopping mall. Many people will stroll by your windows, stop for a moment, and then a number of them will call in. These are casual visitors who will have a quick glance and then either stay or leave. A second group will have visited the mall for a small number of specific reasons and visiting your store is one of them. They will enter, try to find what they are looking for. If they find it, or are greeted by a member of your staff, then they will stay a while.

This process is much the same when you use the terrific tools here at SITE123 to create your own business website. Your aim should be to retain, and then work with, those interested visitors. Imagine you are one of them. Here are five reasons why you might arrive at the website but then quickly leave.

I’m in the wrong place - 1

You have used a search engine to seek out a specific product or service. You believe you have found it so you click through. Instead of finding the information you seek, you have arrived at a general homepage. You quickly return to the search engine and try another link. Solution: make sure you have landing pages that are specific to each individual product or service search.

I’m in the wrong place – 2

As with the previous point, but I am responding to a time-limited or special offer. When I arrive at the landing page it either tells me the offer is no longer available or makes a different, current, offer. I shout at the screen and promise never to trust that business again! Solution: use separate landing pages for any special offer. Once it’s over, change the copy to provide a link to where the product or service is now located. You will probably still lose some visitors, but others will still want the item, even if at the original cost. At least you are making the best of a bad job!

It’s too technical for me

You arrive because you want to buy a product or use a service about which you have only a limited knowledge. The page you visit is packed with information, but it is expressed in highly technical terms, or industry jargon. You quickly realize that you don’t understand much of what is being said. Solution: make sure the language you use is customer-friendly rather than expert-driven.

I’m quickly disengaged

Allied to the previous point, the page you arrive at isn’t clearly presented, welcoming and user-friendly. It’s like being ignored by the staff when you enter a store. Your positive attitude quickly dissipates. Solution: ensure your site is friendly, simple and welcoming – make people want to stay rather than find a reason to leave.

The next step lets me down

You’re in a hurry and click through to a specific page. It quickly tells you what you need to know and you are ready to complete the purchase. Your second click takes you to a page where an excess of information is required, or you are expected to register to then be allowed to buy. Angrily, you close the link. Solution: keep your processes as quick and simple as you can.

Just ten seconds

Each of the above can lose you potential custom in less than this time. Worse, the prospective customers can then have a negative impression of your business and pass this along to others. It’s very easy to lose so many potential sales without ever even knowing you could have gained them! Use the solutions here to help avoid this sad situation.

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